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This urchin hitchhiked its way into my friend's 12g Nanocube last Fall on a coral.
Since then, it's grown, and all of the coral has died.
Anyone know what it is, and whether it could be responsible?
For reference, the intake behind it is 4" across, so the urchin is ~1.5".
Thanks in advance.


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Originally Posted by gmann1139

It looks like a purple urchin to me, because of the very long spikes. (Bad picture so it is hard to tell for sure) All urchins are "reef safe", but they have a habit of picking up coral and traveling with it tearing it apart as it goes.
They eat algae, even coraline. They wreck havoc in a tank, but don't kill coral...

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Originally Posted by Flower
All urchins are "reef safe"
I disagree with this. There are Urchins that will eat coral. Most Urchins are omnivores with a preference for algae but not all are reef safe. The Pencil Urchin is a common example.