URGENT-Seahorse is sitting on bottom of tank withlabored breathing! What can I do?


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My seahorse looks like he is having a hard time breathing. Looks like he is gasping for air & his head is moving in a way that makes me believe that he is having a hard time breathing. He is sitting at bottom of tank and didn't even try to eat this morning. Please help me!


The first thing I'd do is drop an airline into the tank (open-ended is fine), then answer the folllowing:
What are your water parameters (numbers, please)? Temp, SG, pH, NH3, NO2, NO3 whould be sufficient.
Any changes to the system (additions, new equipment, etc)?
What's your water change schedule? Any changes there (salt mix, additives, etc.)?
How long have you had the SH?
Is it WC or CB?
Any tankmates? What?