URGENT!! Sick seahorse, photo attached. Panicking!


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My seahorse was purchased tank bred, and a bright yellow from the LFS. I have a 20g FOWLR, dedicated to seahorses with seahorse friendly fish. All my parameters are tested and all are normal, and I also have another seahorse and a green pipefish which both are doing fine. I don't know what to do about this please help!


Just checking but what is the symptoms/problems. Is is that it has changed colors noting the picture. I vaguely remember that they do have chromatophors and can change colors slightly when adjusting to new habitats and to blend further into their surroundings. Or are there other problems, like not hitching or floating at the bottom.
Have you seen it eat yet and what is the temperature if the tank.
Just trying to piece together the problems


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It has been eating normally except for this morning. It swims around and hits its head on the wall, curls up in a ball while floating and sits on the floor. I thought it was all fine because it was eating but it stopped eating today. It has changed colors, but I was told that was normal as well. However the white spot in the picture is most definitely not normal; looks like a scab of some sort


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The temperature is 74-76
Welcome to the site, I'm so sorry it's under these circumstances....the best place to go for serious seahorse issues, is Seahorse.org
Pipefish and seahorses have different bacteria that they are exposed to, and sometimes mixing them spells trouble. It looks like a bacterial problem to me, you need to contact seahorse.org and they can walk you through treatment. Lower the temps to 68 to slow down the infection. You need some antibiotic called furan and you need to set up a quarantine/hospital tank to treat the horse in.
Contact them under emergency, and please keep us posted...we all learn from what others are doing.