Ushio vs. XM


I was wondering how 250watt 10k, XM bulbs compare to Ushio 10k bulbs. I have Ushio and really like the crisp white color. How does XM compare? Is it similar, bluer, or more yellow.


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From my experience with running 175W XM bulbs and 175W Ushio bulbs, the XMs appeared crisp white, while the Ushios were white with a hint of yellow. My experience seems to be consistent with what I've read on various message boards.


I just switched from the ushio10k to the xm 10k and like the xm alot, seems to me to be a crisper white after the burn in, I had used the ushio for years and just made the switch because I had heard alot about the xm plus the price is a big plus.


Just got my new XM 250 watt bulbs and I like them very much. I just wish I had a PAR meter to see what they are really putting out.
I agree with what RobChuck says about the difference between the two bulbs are. There is a bit more yellow to the Ushio's and the XM's are putting out a very nice crisper white.