Using a QT or just acclimating to the display tank?


I know I should set one up but I've had very good success with the last 3 fish that I have added in the past 1 1/2 years. I acclimate each fish for 45 minutes and then drop them into the display tank. They get ick and then it goes away. My Niger didn't get any. I'm sure they still have it in their system but I think due to minimal stress, it has never reappeared. I have very good water parameters and a I run UV.
Am I alone or do other hobbyists do this?


i have only recently set up a qt tank..other than that i have always just acclimated and added to display..


I have what I call a QT but to be honest I have never used it. I know this is not the responsible thing to do but I havn't had any problem YET. I dont worry too much about my 220 FOWLR but the 110 Reef is another matter.


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I'd say it depends on the fish. if you get any kind of tang, QT. I've learned this from sucks removing 200 pounds of LR to be able to catch a hippo with ich.