Using Nutri- seawater to start tank


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I have a 29g tank that we started and added fish too soon and an anemone (all within 2 weeks) lost the entire tank. Stating over rinsed the filter w RO water and added all new Nutri-seawater to the tank. The box says fish ready, but I want to be safe. How long should I let the tank just filter without fish in it? All levels Amonnia oh nitrates are perfect. Should I add bacteria to the tank and let it just run for a few days? Can I just let the tank run and filter for a week without adding anything and assuming everything tests ok then add fish or should I let this tank sit for a month before adding livestock? Getting all different answers from the folks at the fish store..


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Yes I would add bacteria and let it run for a few weeks then add hermit crabs and snails. Then after a week test your water and if all looks good then I would get a small fish