Valentini (Saddleback) Puffer


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Anyone here one? Are they super aggresive toward the other fish in the tank and do they eat all inverts? I have hermit crabs, cleaner shrimp and snails and want to know if it will eat them.


i have a spotted toby puffer in my reef. i have a cleaner and peps shrimp. he hasn't bothered any of them yet.
information on them says that they should be monitored with caution when housed with inverts.
So to answer your question its kind of hit or miss with these guys...


I have one also. He leaves everything alone except for my snails. He takes one every couple of weeks as a snack.


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I have a Valentini Puffer as well and haven't had any problems. It is very aggressive during feedings, but other than that is very peaceful.