Video of one BA system =)


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Thats kinda nice. There have been better private tanks. What ever happened to that one where the guy was scuba diving in his tank?


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met the guy who takes care of the tank, and trust me this tank just started. the other tanks he takes care of are amazing. when this one matures, they will reach the same status. their store tank was unbelievable too.


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ya vivids is a really kool store imo...same show online did a tour of his shop. I must say im jealous u got to go and check it our nike! Wat did u think of the 800gal display tank? The tour online just wasnt enough....i mean it was but IT WASNT!!!! I really thought it was kool how they set up the middle tank that was all linked together. One section for softies and zoos, another for sps, another for lps and than even some non photos!!!! Im going to are not so LFS today to get another par38 and some sexy shrimps!!!


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Okay, I want one of those... No, wait, I will take two. Holy cow that system is crazy. Guess I need to start making more money.
Thanks for posting the video Duder!!!