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I have a 55 gal FO with about 40lbs of CC, no live sand but I plan on adding live rock a little at a time. I was wondering if after the tank is fully cycled would it be safe to add a VOLITAN lion or should i wait a while. I eventual want a lion, a trigger or some sort and a tang. Will these fish be compatible , if not what are some suggestions, I at very least want the lion.
Thanks in advance for your help


Welcome. This community is awesome. Supplement your info here with some books and you're on your way.
I just got started and I mistakenly added both an antennata lion and Russell's lion (slightly smaller but still a Volitan) to my tank. They're pretty hardy fish and actually thriving even though they went through a big ammonia spike.
They're pretty intelligent fish, so enjoy!


LionFish says......
Well, first off welcome to the board. Now, Volitan Lions are my favorite of all the lionfish species. Great choice. They are very hardy as long as they have been trained to eat already dead food such as frozen shrimp. Next, they are calm and as far as aggressive fish go, they are peaceful tankmates. However, you have a 55 gallon tank and it is too small to handle a Volitan lion. They get rather large (around a foot and two inches when mature) so I usually recommend nothing less than a 125 gallon tank. This is just my opinion but they need a lot of space to grow and a 55 gallon won't cut it for long. I recommend a Dwarf Lion, although they get 7 inches when mature they grow rather slow and they are as amiable as the rest. They have the same requirements as far as food and water conditions go. And remember, just in case you don't know, no small fish since they won't mind eating small tankmates. In a 55 gallon you could get away with a Snowflake eel, a Dwarf Lion, and a small puffer, just as suggestions. Hope this helps a bit.


I agree with the Dwarf lion, I have one in a 100G, and he is one of my favorites, even after he stung and killed my golden puffer! I don't mix puffers and lions anymore. Also I have read that lions are actually more hardy than damsels, which is the type of fish most people use to cycle their tanks. So it is no suprise that they would live through an ammonia spike. Anyway, I think you would be really happy with a dwarf lion, and it would be really happy in your 55! Good Luck!! :)


I don't mix any triggers or puffers with lions but know that many do. I've never seen a lion appreciate a triggers company. Two totally different temperments. Lions are "layed back" while triggers tend to move around alot and be more mischevious. I think it personally puts unnecessary stress on a lion (whether it's a low dose or not). Anyways, back to the question at hand. If your going to get a lion then please get the live rock first. Or at least something for it to hide in and get a sense of shelter when it wants it. No fish should be in an empty tank with only cc. Plenty of live rock will make your fish import go alot more smoother. Perhaps put damsels ion the tank or something cheap until you can build up your live rock collection. That is what I would do anyways. I have 3 different lions in a tank of mine and they seem to be the best roomates for eachother. Them and a snowflake eel goes great with them because they are just as layed back for the most part. HTH
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