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The bad news is I lost My Powder blue Tang :(
About 2 weeks ago he cought some parasites and I treated him and he was doing fine. The owner of my local fish store (www.shotank.com) and friend of mine took him in and put him in his medicated tank at his shop. He got real skinny and croaked ........ I was pretty pissed but my buddy was really cool about it and traded him for the elegance coral. I dont think I am going to put anymore fish in until I finish with all my rock ,sand bed and refugium.

I wouldn't bother to treat PB if it was only ick. As long as the PB eating, It'd be getting over with ick. I've had mine for about 2 yrs and I never treated him when he got ick. It's just gone


Very nice tank... are you planning of staying BB or putting Live sand in it... Personally with a tank of that size, I would put at least 1 inch of live sand on it to make it look more natural.. but it is just your tank.....
BTW your website doesnt work :(