Want a new clam that will do well and not clam up


Would like to get a clam for my 90gal. Would someone kindly answer a few questions for me? I never had a clam.
Here's some info: 90gal(24" high)
2-175MH lights and 2 96w pcs
Calcium 450
Magnesium 1100
Tank 9yrs old
4 power heads
Inhabitants: Gobie & Pistol shrimp
Yellow Tang
Cleaner shrimp
Snails, Hermits
Baby starfish(1/2")
Different corals
1. Is lighting ok?
2. Will inhabitants bother clam?
3. What kind of water movement do they like and where should I place it?
4.Any feeding requirements?
5. Can you recommend a clam type and size?
Thanks for the help.


Whatever clam you get, get at least a 3" specimen. Babies can be a bit touchy and to do best, should be "bowl fed" or at least target fed live phytoplankton with a feeding cap.
With your lighting, you can keep pretty much any of the Tridacnids, but the best beginner clam is T. derasa. T. crocea is the touchiest, and has the finest gill structure, which can become clogged if your tank is prone to sandstorms (from fish or current). Speaking of current, clams don't do well in super strong current...if your clams mantle does more than the occasional gentle "lifting" due to current, it's likely too strong and the clam won't open.
Placement is important too, as IMHO you should keep the clams as they're found in the wild as follows:
Sandbed clams:
T. derasa, T. squamosa, T. gigas

Rockdwelling clams:
T. maxima, T. crocea

Clams have a fully developed digestive system, and IME/IMHO they do best when fed live phyto 2 or 3 times a week in addition to getting plenty of light so they can feed off the products of their zooxanthellae's photosythesis.