want clown fish


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I do not understand what to do i want to get 2clown fish and a anemone but i dont kinow how to do it will some one please explain what to do.


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Ok, what type of tank do you have? What size, SG, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, etc. How old is the tank. What type of lighting do you have? How many gallons is the tank? Post some info and we can help you out.


The size of your tank will make the difference on how many fish you can get. You need to figure number of fish by their adult fully grown size and not the size at purchase -- quick rule is 1" of fish per 5 gal water.
Quick rule: if you want 2 clownfish -- get a pair of the same type and size. WHile you can be lucky and have two different species living happily together, it is the exception NOT the rule.
Next.... Anemones need very good lighting. Most of their basic nutrition comes from specialized algae that lives in its tenticles. This algae requires a lot of lighting. If this algae dies, the anemone will starve -- no matter how much supplimental feeding you try and give it.
LAst.... WHile most clownfish can tolerate water that is not optimal, many anmeones cannot. Do your reading to find best clownfish/host combination. Percula/Occilaris are small, cute, relatively inexpensive, and readily available at most LFSs.
Hope this helps. Good Luck.


I have two false percs and I love them!!! As was previously posted, get two of the same kind and at the same time to better insure that you won't have one kill the other. I do not however have an anemone, and they are perfectly happy! I know everyone wants an anemone to host their clowns, but it isn't necessary. That and there are a lot more requrements for an anemone! Just my two cents! :)