Want comments/criticism of my pics.




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So when I use the digital zoom and the pic appears closer it actually isn't closer?

Correct. It is not physically closer. It is just a software trick to blow up the picture.


Heres the focus specs for your camera. Your macro mode is down to 3.9". If you try to get any closer you'll lose clarity. The optical zoom is what you're really interested in. Some of the best macros are taken from a distance using 100% optical zoom.
your pics look pretty good, have you experimented with the white balance?
focus distance Wide: 50cm (19.7 in.) to infinity
Tele: 75cm (29.5 in.) to infinity
Macro wide: 10 - 60cm (3.9 - 23.6 in.); tele - 25-85cm (9.8 - 33.5 in.)


No I have not done any experimenting with the settings yet. It is kinda a pita to use the macro setting because I don't have a tripod yet. But anyways the next time I get the hankerin to take a bunch of pics I will mess around with manual mode to see what I can come up with.