Water changeout issue


Last night I had a very small frag die and this morning noticed Ammonia in tank. I removed the dead coral and did a 20% water change the way I always do.
Now all my corals are closed up and fish are hiding (breathing normally) but have a clown that is verticle in tank right at the top of the water.
The ammonia is still slightly high as are trites and trates.
Any idea what's going on?


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Was the ammonia level okay before the frag died? I'd consider doing another water change and running carbon if possible. :D


The ammonia was 0 before the frag died. It died only because of shipping. I was thinking of another water change but good tip on the carbon


Did you move anything around or change the placement of live rock or dig up your substrate? If so, this can release toxic gases and/or "yuckie" stuff that has been on the bottom of your tank and then it got converted into ammonia. If not, then...?????????????? I would do another 20% water change and add this stuff called "Prime plus." It's a water condtioner that makes ammonia, nitrites and nitrates non toxic. It does not remove them right away, it just makes them non toxic. The stuff works great! Good luck, and sorry to hear about your corals. I hate it when stuff like this happens, it's such a drag.


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When you make your new water, test it before doing another water change. Maybe THAT is the problem.