Wave Master Pro not Working?? (Pics)


Hi All,
So i bought a Red Sea wave Master Pro off of Craigslist a few weeks back (risky i know) and it does not seem to be working. The thing is i'm not quite sure if the unit is broken or its just user error.....

When i plug it in, all the lights on the front panel flash and go through the cycle that the online manual says they are supposed to. I am able to press the buttons and change it to different settings and the light pops up above each pump # indicating when it is "supposed" to be on
However none of my pumps are actually getting power. I have two Karolia power heads (made to be used with a wavemaker) plugged in to it, and tried plugging my main pump to the MP option on the fourth outlet which is supposed to maintain constant power.... But still Nothing... even after 10 minute wait, nothing is getting power. I even tried an air pump on the 3rd outlet under the though that maybe all 4 outlets needed to be plugged in, but still nothing...
Is there something I am missing? Do all 4 outlets need to be plugged in with actual power heads for it to work? Or did I just blow $60 down the drain?
Thanks in advance for any replies.


Unfortunately I think its flushed. I just removed one of these from my system and all you had to do was plug in the unit, then plug the power heads into the back of the unit (two side notes: One, just make sure your phs are actually working and plug them into an outlet and make sure they are (Two that happened to be on the left side of my tank wouldn't work, had to disassemble and reassemble them to get them to work). 2nd note: I was using two kor evolution pumps (advertised to be ok on a wavemaker) and they both shot the little stoppers right out the front of them, breaking through the end and everything.
Good luck.