wavemaker pro question for those who have used the product


I recently purchased the wavermaker pro for my 75g and have yet to set it up. I currently have a tunze 6025 pump and only one smaller low flow pump. My question is - with using the wavemaker do i have to purchase special pumps? or will any pump work. I am hoping my tunze will operate properly on it because i love the pump and its output. I was planning on purchasing 2-3 other 6025 to place around the tank.
If you use the wavemaker - what pumps do you run on it?


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Don't put your Tunze on the wave maker....If you want your Tunze to operate buy the Tunze controller.....I've used the wave maker way back in the day and they are hard on the pumps IMHO.....They don't "down spin" the motors they just shut them on and off....Put a couple maxi jet or cheaper PH's on the things and see how the sudden start and stop affects the life of the pump.....Definitely not something I'd want to do to a Tunze PH......