Ways of making Fake "live rock" Please Help


Well, ok I've heard and seen many ways of making base rock and background rock in your tank using different methods, but I was wondering if anyone here has experience with the subject and knows of any safer ways than using cement? I know there are a few different ways..
1. using cement (Portland type I/II, but it takes forever to cure)
2. using Thorite (Dont really know what this is but hear its safer)
3. using a foam like substance that hardens(I'm kinda intersted in this one)
Please help, I'd like to get your thoughts and ideas. I'm going to be setting a tank up soon and would like to know what my options are. And before you ask, no, its not going to replace all the life rock for my tank.. just some.
THank you so much!!!


this is one of my favorites, i think it looks so cool.

florida joe

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Polyurethane insulation foam is what many people in Europe use due to the lack of limestone. Do your research on it. I have used it
CAUTIION: polyurethane FOAM is extremely FLAMMABLE during dispensing please no smoking or open flame. Polyurethane of any sort requires the wearing of a respirator with a suitable filter for organic vapors. The solvents used for pigments may remove oxygen for the air so work out side or in large open areas in the home. It will give off no noxious fumes for several days until it is completely cured so store out side. After air cueing the pieces should be soaked in a salt-water solution for several days to remove residual organic vapors.
It is work but you can make some pretty amazing pieces for your tank