Week 26 Topic: Any Fish, Coral, or Invertebrate that is BLUE (or mainly blue)


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Please submit a photo that shows a Fish, Coral, or Invertebrate that is Mainly BLUE. I figure we have done most topics by week 26 that we should think BLUE. The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to Saltwaterfish.com and a donation will be made in the winners name to The Deep Blue Seas foundation.


Here are some Blue Mushrooms in my saltwater tank. On a good day they get about 6 inches across!!


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Spanko. Your Mille is so extended. Mine is not like that. Especially the tips they are not long a sweeping like yours. Whats going on?


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Nike, what type of chalice is that? That is an awesome blue.
I will have to get pictures of my tubbs blues or spidermans. which ones?


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Lucky, i can't even get that kind of deal locally.
Its like $60-$80 for 2-3 heads.
Okay, which one, spiderman zoos or tubbs blue zoos?


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WOW Joe.... speachless... love the trigger too. Makes my blue pygmy look rather boring. However, mine is smiling! A little bag of happiness right there