what appears to be a maroon clown but isn't

i got a new clown today, that has the body of a maroon clown with 3 white stripes with gold tint, but his body color is orange like a percula. has anybody seen a clown like this before? are they common?
Clarkii Boi,
Thanks for the site, I believe it's a Yellow Stripe Maroon (only mines not as dark as the picture on the site). But this guy isn't aggressive at all. More curious than anything. I got a Hatian condi for it (before i let them in the aquarium i put them together in a collection cup that i've drilled holes in to allow water circulation, this way there's no doubt the clown will find the anemone), they've taken to each other quiet well. The clown hasn't left the Anemone since i put them in the tank except to feed and he's already bringing food to the anemone. The clown and the anemone are a spectacular addition to the tank.