What are your most uncommon fish SW or FW


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I have had many weird and differant fish in the past lets see here there was the Cross between the Platy and Swordtail I had both in my tank when that one happen it was the result of the mating. Then there was the Jack dempsey Oscar Cross that I got as a baby. Beautiful colors but meaner than a freaking Wolverine. Then the weirdest thing EVER had to be that cross of the Koran and Emperor Angels I had in my 150 had the Gray bdoy of the Koran as the adult Yet the White face and Yellow stripes of the Emperor on it.


I have a few fish that aren't that common, but I wouldn't call them "unusual"
-Splendid Garden Eels
-Yasha Goby
-Orange Spotted Filefish
-Black Ice Clownfish

rainbow grouper

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No ours is lterally a light brown uncommon but no unusual it's just fun to see the diversity of fish in our rivers and seas.