what causes a single colony of zoos to just die??


I have about 10 different frags/colonies of zoos in my tank. all of the sudden, my orange zoos were always half open, and now completley closed and dead looking. also around the same time i had some sort of tree coral i forget the name, which was grwoing quite large, and all the sudden wilted over and disintigrated. They happen to be close to each other, but not withing touching reach, and now that i think of it a little frag of pink zoos right below it looks dead. anyone have any idea what could cause it? i have looked for little snails but have not found a thing


My zoos also disappeared, look for very small snail looking

with round shells, it was too late whenever I figure it out
, good luck


Sorry I can't help you, but I think I can eliminate one thing for you: Temperature. Living here in Rochester, we experience a prolonged power outage during the winter time every couple years. This last winter, it was out for a week in my house. My tank got all the way down to 50 degrees! All my corals and fish died except for a few mushrooms and all my zoos. If zoos can survive that, I don't think temperature fluctuations will kill them.
BTW, I have a generator now, so this should never happen again. When the power goes out, $300 generators sell out even though they suddenly cost >$1000! So I couldn't get one then and had to slowly watch everything die while I prayed for the power to come back on.