What corals could i do with a stripped puffer


I know sounds like a dumb ? because there not reef safe but theres got to be a couple of corals he wouldnt eat. I know polyps are out of the ? but i got shrooms in there and hes not eating them. :nervous:
What do you think about brains or leathers like cabbage or toadstool?:notsure:


sounds to me like its a matter of time, before he samples a little of everything.
Infact the mushroom will be sampled, spit out and resampled again. I've even seen a lion suck in a mushroom, taste it and spit it out.If i recall correctly mushrooms are fairly toxic to eat. There is lies anothe rproblem, if you do place those corals in the tank, and he does sample them there may be a likely hood of intoxicating the fish. I know thats why corals have all those nasty chemicals in them, to prevent being eaten.
But the puffer is equipped to sample. I'd say forget any type of coral w/ the puffers thats their job, to chew


they wouldn't eat stinging-celled invertebrates like anemones/hard corals....etc. i'm sure no puffer wants to feel the wrath of their nematocysts.


The corals will die off from the fish load, even if not eaten....that's why reef tanks have only a few, small fish in them.
One puffer poop and the coral (which can't move) goes "eeeew" and soon dies.
It's like trying to keep pretty girls at a beer/popcorn/boiled egg/bean convention...not gonna happen.**grin**
The eel would be fine...they have extra thick slime/mucous plus are a lot smarter than you give them credit for.....don't forget, they live together in the ocean.


so carpet fine? i get your point on corals, i think ill just stick with miushrooms, got lots of them i can prop and stick in there