What is ideal salinity??

sunken ship

It depends on what you plan to keep in your tank. Most reef specialists will tell you that the ideal salinity is around 1.024-1.025. Fish generally prefer salinity around 1.020. The best thing to do is to do some research on where the occupants of your tank come from and try to model those settings. Hope this helps.


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Generally between 1.024 - 1.02, but best will be to replicate the salinity of the place of origin of corals you will be keeping.


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How's the best way to lower the salinity? Is there any way to keep the water I take out, cuz I just did a water change and I want to keep my good water.

bang guy

Your Salinity is about 36.5ppt providing that your hydrometer is accurate. This is an acceptable Salinity but in the high range. I suggest leaving it as is and mixing your water at a slightly lower Salinity next time you do a water change. For what it's worth I have had the best results with a Salinity around 35ppt so you're really not that far off in my opinion.
It has been my experience that very very few hydrometers are accurate. I suggest you find someone with a refractometer (such as your LFS) and compate it's results with that of your hydrometer. Then note how far off your hydrometer is and make a mental correction when using it.