what is the age clownfish start mating?


My estimate is that my clowns are about a year old. They have been dancing around eachother for the last few days and trying to host my corals. Which I plan to get them an anemone. Im just wondering if there at the right age.


it really depends on enviroment and a good many of other factors. trying to host isnt a sign of mating but could lead to it. they will actually lay eggs on a flat surface under the coral or anemone that its hosting in..
Please dont get an anemone for the sake of getting one because the clowns NEED one because they really dont. do some reading up on them to make the best choice for you and your tank.
a few things about anemones
one if you get certain species instead of allowing them to host the can eat your clowns * carpets are a main one that does this*
all anemone will wander the tank withthem having a potent sting they can kill alot of corals on their wander across the tank
prostine water conditions are needed for sucess with them along with proper lighting
careful selection because some anemones grow large very quick and can and will outgrow a smaller tank. some like the BTAs can split and cause their own set of problems with 2 roaming the tank.
Most people that add them to their tanks regret adding the anemone later on as it grows . I am one of them.
there are just a few things to think about.


Okay I will wait on getting the anemone. But does anyone know what age the clowns start to mate?


what size are your clowns? if they are both still small, you might have to wait until one of em decides to become the female.
and be sure to get a clay pot or tile for you tank, as clowns love to spawn on them, and as it is easy to take the fry out and put em in a smaller breeding tank.