What Is The Best Combo Of T5 Bulbs?

salt monger

ok, heres the deal, i'm aquireing a t5 light fixture from a friend, what i want to know is if this is a 4 bulb fixture, and i put actinic bulbs in 2 slots, what should i use for the other 2 to balance out the spectrum for asthetic purposes, and for the good of the inhabitants? should i use 2 10,000k, or 2 6500k. the tank is a combo reef/fish fusion. no hard corals yet, and i hope to be adding more soft as i find ones that i like. any help would be appreciated... thanks, roy


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imo you should use 1 of each. the 6500k will make the reds really "pop" and allow for max par for growth. the 10k addsome white to the tank. you can also use a "daylight" or "aquasun" to help balance out the red with the actinics.