what is the worst injury you have ever had?

I went around a corner and my leg hit a brick mailbox holder. My leg went so numbe i didnt even now anything happened till i got to the nest stop sign and looked down and the yellow r6 was now red.... I drove 2 miles home and called 911.
Yes that is bone lol


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I went around a corner and my leg hit a brick mailbox holder. My leg went so numbe i didnt even now anything happened till i got to the nest stop sign and looked down and the yellow r6 was now red.... I drove 2 miles home and called 911.
Yes that is bone lol
That's rated R!!


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lordy. after reading some of these i feel like an idiot posting mine.
when i was 16 and working at a store. I accidently slit my wrist with a razor. blood everywere. thought i was going to die. most scared i have ever been.


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Was working as a mechanic and while working on a truck had to open a box of parts hand was greasy and knife slipped. Cut my left hand along the thumb from the wrist to base of the thumb. Had the Foreman close it up with tap and I went back to work. Later that day dropped a tranny on the same hand. Noticed something I could not feel pain in it. Also in 2005 I had severe dislocation of my right shoulder. Ended up witgh the head only of the humorus broken off in the shoulder off 3 torn ligaments and 2 torn tendons. My orthopodic surgeon was like I need a break after the surgery he was thinking 1 hour for the surgery took him 4 to knit me back to gerther. I have enough kelvar and titatuiom in my right arm to make it almost bionic. Feaking Epliplepsy.


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When I was 5 or so I was attacked by a german sheppard.I was playing on a tire swing. He got me under the right arm.(pit) My sister ran nside screaming "the dogs eating charlie". My parents and aunt and uncle ran outside. They say he was shaking me around like a rag doll. my dad began trying to get him to let go.He had him by the tail, my aunt beat him over the head with a shovel. My mom just wailed frantically. Finally he let go, possibly because he was dead.
My dad and uncle scooped meup and took me to the hospital. Dad says I just sat there, looked up t him and said" Daddy, that dog bit me"
My lung was punctured, my shoulder dislocated.
Within the year, I was hanging from a clothesline pole. Swinging from it, my sister pushing me. She pushed too hard and I slipped, fell back on my right arm an broke the elbow. Suposedly, theres a few pins in it.

Tues. I fell off a 4 foot ladder
. Tried to catch myself and fractured my radial head(near elbow inside of forearm) on my left arm. I have surgery scheduled for tomorrow morning. They're going to s c r e w it back together.
Oh, theres more, heck could type on this subject all day nearly. But those are the major happenings.


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When I was 21 I was playing a football game with my friends. I was the QB and had been talking a lot of detritus before the game that I was going to run some people over. No lie, the 1st play of the game I roll out see one of my good friends and charge him. I start to spin as we hit and he took me down. The guys across the field heard the snap. I must have instantly been in shock because I started laughing. Anyhow when I look down my right foot is pointing somewhere between all the way backwards and halfway. When all was said and done after numerous surgeries and plates and screws, I had broken my ankle/foot in 3 places and tore all of my ligaments. Again I was 21
, for the next 6 months I had to move back in with my parents just so someone could take care of me. It was awful and now I walk with a little limp, but chicks dig scars


When i was three years old I was at swim lessons at the YMCA we were learning to jump off the diving board. The teacher was on the board with another student and I climbed the ladder she turned and saw me there and (remembering the first rule of diving boards one person on the board at a time) told me to get down. As I climbed down the first step on a 8 foot diving board i missed it and my foothooked and I fell all the way to the cement leading with my head. Cracked my skull and required 80 stitches to seal it up


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Rattlesnake bite then not 6 months later Cottonmouth bite. The rattlesnake was the worst. Pigmy ratter on the hand. Swelled to my elbow and 24 hours later felt like I had rested my hand on an anvil and allowed a 250 pound guy to swing a sledge hammer down onto it as hard as he could.
The cotton mouth bite I said to hell with the 'experts' advise about not bleeding the bite area. I cut it good and let it bleed and was out of the hospital less than 48 hrs later with virtually little pain. But that is not to say the cottonmouth dosed me with as much venon as the pigmy, which the pigmy has reciently be found to have modified its hemotoxin into both hemo and neuro.
One long lasting side-effect besides heart flutter. I used to detest eating chicken eggs. After the bite I couldn't get enough of them and still woof them down.