What is this and how do i get rid of it?


I am pretty sure its algae of some sort, but I don't seem to have any other type of algae growing in the tank. I don't see that its hurting but its ugly and its all over my tank and I want rid of it. It don't look bad from this picture but if you could see the hole tank you would see its bad!


That is just beneficial algea, if you dont like it get a lawnmower blenny. I own the biggest gut blenny on Earth because I had a ton of that and now thanks to him it is gone!! Carrie


My LMB wouldnt eat that stuff.
Your talking about the algae that looks like little fuzzys on the rock?
How is your clean up crew? I stocked up on hermits (didnt have any at the time) and with in a few days the Hermits had cleaned all that crap off the rocks... I also added 3 emerald crabs and a sally light foot crab at the same time and together they all did a great clean up job.