what is this weird algae?


the live rock in my 120 gallon tank has clumps of green algae spreading all over it.
clumps break off and float around in the water.
when you grab it it feels slimy. what is this from and any ideas how to get rid of it?


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Hard to say without a picture - can't really get it off the explanation.
Chances are if it's green and slimy though it's bad. If you could test for phosphates and nitrates it would help. What type of lighting do you have and how long is it on for each day?


I think I have the same thing I can get a pic tonight not sure of the name.
But I know my lights need to be replaced (ordered yesturday) and I also think it might be because of low water movement in that area of the tank.


I have a 120 gallon (48x24x24) with 2x56 watt actinic and 2x56 watt 10,000k t5`s with separate reflectors.
for flow I have a seio 820 and an aquaclear 50. just addes a sump so that should give me at least 600 gph more.