What is Your Favorite Movie, and Why?


for contemporary it has to be "Superbad"
. spermicidal lube!! ahahahahaha!
all time favorite is the departed. the ending was spectcular and broke away from the dull ednings and actually gave a twist. unlike other movies that tried to do the same the departed actually done it right.


Okay, in no particular order ...
THE COMMITTMENTS: An indy film, funny, a great story about a young man starting a soul/blues band in Dubland Ireland, and music performed by the actors. If you like stories of individual drive, irony, soul/blues music, and a laugh ... run, don't walk to the rental place and SEE IT! Oh by the way, did I mention fabulous soul/blues music? Just happen to have both soundrack CDs and listen to them often.
THIS IS SPINAL TAP: What a great concept, the "mock"-umentary. It's brilliant, well conceived, well written, and makes me laugh even though I've seen it like a bajillion times. "This goes to eleven" ... "we've got these armadillos in our pants" ... "how much blacker could it be?" ... "What's it called? ... Lick my love pump." ... and on and on and on and on and ...
KELLY'S HEROES: An incredible number of big-time actors (Clint Eastwood, Donald Sutherland, Telly Sevalas, Don Rickles, Carroll O'Conner, the list goes on). What a great story ... a bank heist in the middle of World War II.
BATTLE OF BRITAIN: Besides an incredibly accurate film depicting the era, up to the most accurate flyable aircraft available at the time, includes some of the best cinematic moments I've ever seen ... the combination of dialogue, music, and imagery are incredible. For those who have seen it ... is the scene where Michael Cain's character has his squadron of Spitfires warming up on the field, he asks the control tower "The engine's overheating and so am I ... do we take off or stand down?" and then the take-off flare goes up in the sky, Cain's character looks left, then right (Or maybe right, then left), the music builds, and several Spitfires take off as the music reaches a crescendo ... one of the great moments in film?
: Oh man, Clint Eastwood at his all-time best. Saw an interview with him and he says this film is his favorite of all he's done. Wales' confrontation with the chief Ten Bears is fabulous. Classic story of a mild-mannered man turned into a brutal killer by circumstances beyond his control, then saddled with one bit of baggage after another as he tries to escape his past. Local connection too ... the scene with the ferry crossing the river was filmed about 20 miles from my home town in northern California.
: Alien
was good, but Cameron took a great concept and zapped a whole butt-load of action into the story. Try to see the director's cut if possible ... one of the more tense cinematic moments I've ever seen is the scene when the robot guns in the passageways are gunning down the aliens and you watch the ammo counters work their way down to zero ... cut from a lot of versions of the film.
: I love sci-fi and I love satire ... this is the best combination of the two. Mel Brooks at his best, sight-gags, rip-offs, great acting ... a classic.
: Much like SPACEBALLS, a satire for the ages. If you can't laugh at lines like "Surely you can't be serious? ... I am serious, and don't call me Shirley!" or Barbara Billingsly delivering "Excuse me, I talk jive" or "There's a problem in the cockpit! ... what is it? ... a small room at the front of the plane for the pilots, but that's not important!", then you need to get your pulse checked.


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the postman - with kevin costner , i am not a huge costner fan but wow . if you haven't seen it, rent it its an awesome post apocolyptic type movie, it has a great story to it and it has tom petty in it..can't beat that haha


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Road to Perdition is one of the top...because of the piano scene between the "father"(not really but thought of as one) of Tom hanks


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"Office Space"-because its really funny.
"Braveheart"-Really well done
"The Lord of the Rings" trilogy-because i'm a sci-fi dork

To the person the mentioned "Boondock Saints", that is a great movie a lot of people don't know about.
"License and Registration meow"


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Office Space, because it's so "right on".
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, because I'm a HUGE wuxia film fan. It's also got an awesome plot, which is sort of rare in the wuxia genre.
LOTR, just because it's LOTR (grew up with the books). I was one of the few who got to see all 3 movies in the theater when they were running that one day special event to honor the release of The Return of the King. 12 hours of LOTR, wow....just wow.


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The Simpsons movie
and Dodgeball
and WHY well im not in school and saying why just reminds me more of it. heres a short answer : funny!


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party monster, because its freaking amazing. its like somebody made a movie about me and my friends, because its just like so incredibly like... our movie, you know?
i like run lola run too and all the saw movies go up there on my list


party monster was crazy
but my favs are:
Just Friends-hilariously funny
Super Troopers-cause the snozberries taste like snozberries
Waiting-the all mighty GOAT!
but it changes in phases. sometime i like comedy,sometimes drama. old gangster/mafia movies. i guess its just what im in the mood for. but the 3 stated above. i can watch anytime for a laugh. Grandmas Boy is funny too.


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these are movies all with somewhat historical value, and good action and that is what i like in a movie...tobin


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Originally Posted by Ice4Ice
All of Abbott & Costello movies made !!

Well hell yea and then there are the original 3 stooges too. Classic and you can never watch enough of them.


Run Ronnie Run, This is a movie by Daid Cross(Mr. Show on HBO). It is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a while. If you like Cross I highly reccomend it
I get made fun of for this all the time but my all time favorite is
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
No other movie has evoked such emotion in me. For some reason I thought it was the most powerful movie. Such loyalty and heart... Makes me cry every time...
I also like
Shawshank Redemtion
Dirty Dancing
Jurrasic Park...


oooooh my! hard to choose just 3...but...I have so many I love!
ok..let's see..
Reservoir Dogs...each and every character was so different and perfect! You couldn't of had one without the other..they all fit. Casting was right on.
One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest...(I'm an inpatient mental health nurse) so I can say there have been a few "McMurphys" and "Chiefs" I have grown quite fond of through the years.
American Beauty...made me feel like I know those people, like they live next door.
Apocalypse Now...the scene when the bull is slaughtered and the scene where Lt. Willard and Colonel Kurtz finally meet near the end (with the doors playing in the background)...well, I can't quite explain it but it was like I was there.
Shawshank Redemption..because like others said before...incredible emotion everytime I see it. I never tire of any of the characters. I can watch it again and again..another perfect casting job and great story.
and last I MUST mention:
Unusual Suspects...When the truth unfolds at the end..I really was surprised!
Seven ...was great too! The ending was perfect!
I could go on and on....*LOL*