what kind of chiller do u all have?


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I have a 4 year old Custom Sea Life 1/4 HP. I think now they are called Current USA. It works fine on my 180g in S. Fl.
I also have one that I got used from a guy and I think its the same brand but was modified by puting on a larger cooling chamber. I use it as a back up and for cooling the new water befor a water change.


Via aqua 1/4hp on my 36 gallon in Central Fl. I know it's a bit of overkill, but I run it mostly because of the 12wpg. also thermoelectric chillers suck!


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i have the via aqua 1/3hp chiller on my 100 gallon reef and it works very well i just purchased it about 3 weeks ago brand new for $419 from my LFS.... very good deal they gave me 30% off since it was there grand re-opening.... anyways it works well with a easy to read digital display ....
the only thing about chillers is they put out a lot of heat when they are runnning.... can warm up a room fast if you dont have addequate ventilation or ac on

nm reef

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I recently installed a Pacific Coast cl-650 (1/4 hp) chiller ... so far it has worked like a champ.