What kinds do you have?


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blueleg and zebra hermits, emerald crab which I like...and a hitchhiker that I think is a sally lightfoot....that I hate.
(other inverts include a gold CB shrimp in another tank, sexy shrimp, sea hare, nassarius, cerith, astrea and red banded snails and an urchin)
I have one zebra hermit in particular that is a total clothes horse, always the first one to check out any new shell in the tank!


i have blue leg hermits, zebra hermits, one scarlet hermit.
Cerith snails, turbo grazers, one HUGE zebra turbo snail, a harlequin starfish, emerald and porcelain crab. 3o nass snails.
Coco worm, lots of small hitch hiker feather dusters.


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- 2 Cleaner Skunk shrimp
- 1 Fire Shrimp
- 4 Porcelain Crabs (2 blue, 2 red/purple)
- 1 Pistol Shrimp
- Nassarius snails (both large and Vibex)
- Turbos (Mexican and Zebra)
- Margarita snails
- Hermits (red leg, zebra, regular)
- assortment of other snails I can't remember names of


I have blue leg hermits, red leg hermits, orange leg hermits (these get bigger than I thought they do), red mithrax, emerald mithrax, rock and gorilla crabs. I also have this amazing white crab with a blood red spade looking patch on its back. I have never seen this one pictured before, but it is in the mantis tank until I get the mantis and it become food. I really wish I would have pulled out the camera the few times I saw it because it is stunning.
Other inverts we have include rock anemones, many many feather dusters, 2 coco worms, skunk cleaner shrimp, one pepermint shrimp per tank(3) a beautiful pink and black cucumber, and a yellow cucumber. We also have a pet bristle worm that we watch that is around 6-7 inches long, at least that is what we think it is because we have never seen it fully extended from its rock. We also have a red serpent star and a marbled red/black brittle star. We also have 3-4 urchins.
I have to say I think the inverts are my favorite part of the aquariums we keep because they just sometimes seem to come from nowhere and you may not see them for months.