What other fish would you reccomend with a percula clown fish?


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i would say any other mild mannerred fish.... i would stay away from damsils but u could get some cool gobies those r well mannered and many are very nice to look at for a decent price...
if you had a bigger tank i would say a blue hippo tang mine does good with my tomato clown
lets see..... another nice fish is a flame hawk fish but u have to becareful some of them will eat inverts
jawfish are cool and make nice pets and so do grammas they are usually very colorful.... u need to stick to smaller non agressive fish


murph had a good suggestion. I have a yellow watchman goby with my two clowns. They are good fish for a smaller tank because they only grow to 2", are very non-aggressive and like a lot of liverock to hide in. The yellow watchman is a bright yellow with blue spots on its back. A sand substate is a good idea with any goby, they need a bolthole in the substrate or find holes in rock they feel is safe. Without the security of a hiding spot they will get stressed. They are very fun to watch hover above the sand.