what protein skimmers should i avoid


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Not sure if there's been a design upgrade but stay away from using the coralife super skimmer as a hang on. Works great in sump but has the tendency to malfunction/overflow it seems more often than others.


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With protein skimmers you get what you pay for.
The list of skimmers to avoid is too long to list... nobody understands how good a good skimmer is until they see it in action and realize what they've been "tolerating" all along.
It's easier to list good skimmers (as the list is far shorter).
Good skimmer brands include AquaC, MRC, Euro Reef, Deltec, Bubble King, Octopus, ETSS, and others.
Another approach is to look at skimmer technologies. Downdraft, Beckett, Induction, and recirculating skimmers will always triumph over ventiuri, single pass, or airstone designs.


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Originally Posted by markeo99
I like my bak pak
Glad you do... it's probably the loudest skimmer on the market. After having a better one I would never had touched that one. It skims OK, just too loud for the price.


Originally Posted by slt wtr stupid
what about JEBO brand skimmers?

Stay away from that junk i have one. Sure the price is attractive but like SCSInet said "you get what you pay for" the skimmer has overflowed a few times but about 5-6days ago it put about 4gal of water on my floor my stand is messed (doors wont close) my carpet is stained
. I payed $50 for the skimmr and pump few months down the road the pump quit spent another $50. I also have the "removable" collection cup siliconed to the skimmer cuz the o-ring failed now it no longer removable...
SAVE your money...


nobody has asked I dont think but what size tank do you have my bak pak works on my 20 but is rated at like 60 gal it struggles in a 55 now I have a coralife 125 on my 55 I like to double what is needed


i have a red sea prizm pro (rated 300gph) on my 80 gal. and it works great..pulls out smelly dark green stuff!! Always producing foam.. It also has a huge collection cup.


My suggestion would be the AquaC Remora. It is completely plug and play, great results with zero adjustments..