What Seahorse?


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Could you guys tell me what seahorse this is? Somebody has it in a three gallon pico reef. Is that enough space? Could he thrive in a two gallon? Would the seahorse hurt any corals? I think it would be super cool to have a pico reef with him in it.


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Looks like Hippocampus reidi to me. Will need a 30 gallon aquarium at the minimum. 3 gallons is absurdly small for anything but dwarf seahorses.


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You will need a 30g or larger tank (tall column tank is best). No they won't hurt corals...however they like cooler waters. 74 degrees, so to keep a seahorse healthy you need a chiller. Always get a captive bred seahorse that is already eating frozen food. This site sells Erectus, Seahorse.org sells other species.