what should I do next?


Hello, I have a 10g set up since three weeks ago, dont really know if it went through a cycle or not, there is about 20lbs. live sand RO water and of course the salt I added to the water. just a regular filter and light that came with the tank(10g). I get no readings on my test, 0,0, 1.023 temp 80, how do I tell if it went through or did not go through a cycle? oh yea, there is one small yellow tail damsel in there. he looks good, eats, hides when you walk by.... thanks for any input. Marla


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Really the only way to tell whether or not a tank has cycled is by doing frequent tests of ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite; once the ammonia and nitrite have spiked, then dropped, the tank is cycled and safe for its first fish. While its nice to have 0 nitrates, don't expect them to drop like everthing else. In your post it doesn't say if you have any LR. If so, the die-off from that is usually enough to kick start the cycle, so I'm going to assume that the tank is cycled.