What Size power head or Wave maker do I use?

The aquarium I am setting up is a 60gal. live rock, fish only tank. I was wondering how do I know what size pumps do I get? Should I get a wave maker controller or just power heads? Any help would be appreciated.


I'd stay away from wave maker controllers unless you know that the power heads that you are using with them don't make noise when starting. I made the mistake of trying to use a hydor wave maker with hydor koralia evolution power heads. It knocks like crazy every time it turns a pump on.

An Ecotech Vortech would be great for making waves if you can afford to drop $500 on a power head. Otherwise I'd probably just get a couple of Koralia Evolutions and forget about the controller.


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You need a total of 1200gph water movement. So either two 600gph power heads or two 800gph power heads would be better.