What to do with QT water?


Hey guys! Once again thanks for all the support, after losing all my fish, with my new QT I’ve got three fish back in the display tank now and they’re ich free and healthy :) loving it

I’m going away from my tank for 2 months (don’t worry my brother is now a reef keeper haha so he’s looking after it as he has his own tank too) and I’m turning off my QT.

Can I leave the salt water in the QT and re-use it upon my return? Or does water chemistry change too much if left sitting there?

Thank you


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Just keep the water circulating with a power head and it should be fine. To keep the bio filter going you might have your brother toss a bit of food into it a couple times a week.


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Is there a reason you are turning it off? What happens if a fish in your display tank gets ill while you are away?