What to Feed Coco Worm?

aquapod 24

I got a coco worm from a friend and was wondering what to feed it.... giving a specific product would be preferable to saying something like "phytoplankton"... I would love to know any tips that you guys have to keep these guys long term.


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They are filter feeders...you can add a little Kents microvert once a week. Remember what feeds coral and filter feeders also feed algae, so be careful.

gill again68

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I use Kent as well but like said above dont go KRAZY. Oh yeah dont freak out when one day you come home and look in the tank and see the crown floating around in the tank. Apparently they shed that ever so often.


There is plankton mixed into most commercial frozen foods. I don't feed my feather dusters. IMO, bottled "phytoplankton" from Kent or Two Little Fishies, any of that "Marine Snow" stuff, it's all garbage and you're just putting pollutants in your tank.

aquapod 24

thanks for the info... ill try just leaving them alone and see if that works out.... does weather you feed it or not depend on the size of tank because it is only in a 24 gallon.