What To Feed Rics & Zoas?


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Originally Posted by maelv
Well take a look at this thread....Flricordia says he doesn't even feed his rics.....
True but that is mainly because of the number of ricordea I have and the nitrate load I would place on the tanks if I were to feed them all. They will grow faster if you feed them, but as far as color, I do not personally think that feeding them will make them color up any more or less. I have never seen any difference, only in lighting they are kept under. My thing is not so much size but color.
And as far as growth, I do know they will grow faster, but not enough so to justify feeding so many if they are kept under good lighting and proper water parameters they will grow just fine.
I have noticed and I do practice keeping them crowded together seems to stimulate them into faster growth whether it is a competition for space or chemical stimulation don't know. They also heal faster when cut and placed touching others. Also for those that buy wild collected ricordea yuma I have noticed that their chances of survival in the home aqarium are increased if they are placed next to ricordea florida. Once they acclimate after a month, preferably longer, they can saftly be moved to areas void of floridas.