What would YOU do


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If had been given a 37 gallon tank, What would YOU do with it? I'd liek some suggestions, im open to anything really. Species only, community, watever. Tank dimensions are 30"L x 12"W x 22"H
Sufficiant filtration, and 20-30 lbs live rock..
What would you do?


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Octo tank, if it's long enough. I think your dimensions make it a 30 high, which wouldn't work as well.
Octo would be my first choice though.


I'd do a dwarf angel...only fish, so it would make him really interesting, and kind of a peaceful look. Then get 1 cleaner shrimp to add color. A small mushroom colony, maybe some polyps. And a 2-3 emeralds. Maybe a smaller gobie too if you wanted another fish.


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I agree with tvan, I'd go mini reef. If you decided to go octo, your tank needs to be up and established for some time, and please do lots of research, they are diffucult to keep...Lisa


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Ive got the lights, i have a 29g reef, no need for another. I am looking for some cool fish for this tank, species only or aggressive setup.


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I took a similar approach with my 46 bow. Went community with a mated pair of australian clowns, royal gramma, lawnmower, jawfish, pyjama and toped it off with a showy coral beauty angel. Mixed in some shrimp, crabs, snails and a healthy star. No corals, 60 watts of light. It is my prettiest tank and next to no trouble.
Good Luck in your choice.