What's compatible with maroon clown?


I have a 20 gallon tank with about 30 lbs of live rock. Is a 20 gallon too small for a maroon clown? If it isn't what else can I put in there? I will only put about 3 fishes in my 20 gallon.
Thanks for the help


If you get a small one it will be ok for a while..Put the Maroon in last because they are pretty aggressive....


I have two neon gobies and they are great little fish. Mine sleep in the same hole evey night together. They also swim through all of the little crevices and holes and stuff which is really cool i think.(they grow about an inch)


Thanks for the help everyone. Are maroon clowns aggressive towards all fish or just other clowns?


They are only aggressive towards other clowns. I think the minimum tank size for maroons is 30 gallons. I would stay with gobies or dartfish.:D


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I thought about adding a marroon clownfish to my 30g... I decided against it and went with two teeny tiny true percula clowns - they swim around all day within 6 inches of each other at all times. I don't know how big they get, but they certain explore the entire tank constantly and are very active. I'm very glad now I didn't go with the marroon clown.
I like my purple firefish a lot too. He has lots of character and is a very unique fish. Only problem is he keeps kicking up all my sand to the powerhead above his "den" he made. Bright colors and very pretty aswell.