whats needed for a 75 gal setup


i currently have a basic 30 gal setup with a reg back pack filter and a power head.....
will that idea work on a bigger tank,,,,,i have a 75 gallon tank that im gona start gatherin supplies for to get it setup. i have a canister filter(magnum 350) that i want to use on the 75.
1...do i have to have the sump and over flow and all that other stuff or will a basic back pack filter with the canister work?
2....how much sand is need? i was thinkin around 80lbs. more?less?bout right?
3...do i need a skimmer right off the bat? what kind is best but not overly expensive?
4....is the "WATER IN A BAG" a good thing or not? just thought the live water and sand would be good for a startup....
i dont plan on having everything ready to be setup till about june so i have a few months to get everything.....
thanks guys for any and all help
Well you can use your old tank as a QT or a sump,
on live sand its your decision on how deep you want it
I would not use the canister filter if I were you becuase it would cause nitrate problems
You can use the HOB filter but regular live rock and high flow would do for your filtration
You wouldnt need a skimmer off the bat but it will help in the future


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I'm building a 75 right now. You may get some ideas from there


ok ill just hit ur numbers point by point. it should be more clear lol
1. i wouldnt run the back pack. its just generally accepted that people tend to struggle with hang on filters and lean toward overflow sump systems. if you are buyin a new tank, id invest in a predrilled 75 set up for an overflow (if the money allows)
2. i dont know how much 80 pounds would put and sand is all up to you. some people like deep sand beds, some dont like any sand. i have about 2 inches. a suggestion would be to get 75 or 80 pounds, if it doesnt look like enough, add more. its not gonna go up overnight so you will have time to add or remove if you like
3. if the funds allow, yes, i would definately get the skimmer off the bat. there are many good skimmers around and im not an expert on those so maybe someone else can shed some insight. but a good skimmer is a definate plus and shouldnt be something u get lookin for a bargain just to have one
4. i dont know what water in the bag is...or what live water is...sorry but most people make their own water with RO system and salt or buy it directly from the LFS. making your own is the most persistantly positive meathod cause you cant always completely trust the LFS (once i wanted 10 gallons of salt and ended up with 10 gallons of RO...that set off the salinity a little...)
hope this helped. any more questions?


this is an old 75 gallon tank that ive had for a few years now....the tank itself is, according to the sticker, was made in 1997......
and the previous owner reinforced the tank with 1 1/2in angle irpn on th ebootm and 3/4 on the top......why he done it i have no idea but now i cant undo it.......
as far as drilling the tank.......ummmm......i dont know about that.....no idea where to carry it too or how to do it.....and on top of that....with the angle on the bottom there isnt any glass available on the sides just in the middle...


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the back pack will not handle a 75 gallon tank. you don't need a skimmer if you do waterchanges religiously. i recommend a good skimmer.
sand is personal preference. if you like alot, buy alot. don't buy the bag-live sand. it's not worth the money. buy dry, sugar sized aragonite sand and it will turn live in time.
if you are going to have a deep sand bed, then it will have to be 3"-4" or more. if it's just for aesthetics, then whatever you like. if it's for looks, buying the bag-live sand is throwing your money away.
i chose to have 1"-2"..just enough for sand dwellers, but not enough for a dsb.
i recommend having the tank drilled or buying a drilled tank and utilizing a sump, with an in-sump skimmer. i suggest against the cannister filter as well.


can i drill the tank myself?
what is involved in doing that?
where do i get the stuff to do a sump?
any measurements or diagrams on the sump setup?
i dont want alot of sand my 30 gallon has about 3in in it and i think its too much,,,,my opion...
i was told the live sand is great for helping establish a new tank......but im new at this still and have no idea either way.......
thanks for the help so much guys........