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Well it's been a while so I figured I would stop in and say hi! I have been really busy getting ready for another deployment to Iraq and we will be leaving in 6 weeks for 7 months. Most of you probably don't remember me but I used to be a regular in here. The tank is still up and running and looking great although there are no recent additions. Well again, just wanted to say hi! For those who don't remember me here I am:


Its really good to hear you're doing well. I know alot of us have prayed for your safety.


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didn't forget about you, in fact I was wondering where you were these days. At least safely at home for now. Be safe and keep your head down. :)


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yea bro...its good to see tha tyou are still in one piece.
Hope your trip is a good one and best of wishes to you in iraq...my buddy is leaving for the army pretty soon


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Joe, How's it going? We took a spur of the moment trip to Oceanside. If we had planned the trip would have worked it out so that we could have met and said Hi.
Not sure if you are familiar with the place but we did stop at Spanky's and had a pizza. Pretty good. Definitely a place that caters to the services.
Good to see you are doing good.


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Couldn't say that I knew you previously, but I am grateful for yer service to the US. Best of luck, think smart, and kick some turbin!


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hey! how's it goin' man, good to see you around here. and as every has said.. how could we forget you!?
a 6th grade history teacher in the middle school in my town has been over there since december, he's in the army reserves..
and i see a little bit of your tank :)


Well thanks everyone for the well wishes! I will definitely do my best to come back home safe AGAIN! I appreciate the support that you all give me. Looks like we are gonna be out there in the middle of nowhere and won't have any internet access and if we do it will be limited. But who knows maybe by the time we get over there they will be better connected. I will keep you posted as the weeks go by!


You don't know me, but just wanted you to know how much you and all of the men and women who serve our country are appreciated, thought about and prayed for.
Be safe!


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Glad to see you! Stay safe over there. And if you can get to the pc, please drop on in and let us know how you're doing.