What's your loosing battle?


I have recently been battleing bubble algae.It all started from a small colony and has now appeared all over the tank.I tried emerald crabs and they caused too many problems with my corals,so I removed them.Now I just pick the stuff off by hand...don't pop them either!I am also getting ready to attack the green star polyps that are creeping up on my sps.I finally won the battle with my Xenia by isolating the whole colony to one side of the tank.And when it starts to get to close to nearby rocks,I put a small one in its path and wait til it crawls on.Then I more it back to the colony or trade it.I constantly have to scrape coraline off the front glass too!Is'nt it ironic how things end up this way.You spend what seems like forever to get your tank going,then complain how things grow like weeds!If I could count how many posts I see about people trying to get coraline growing and thier corals to take off.Knock on wood!:D


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Not sure if it is a losing battle or not, you decide. Without seeking advice first, I was offered a great deal on a Goniopora Coral (Flower Pot Coral), so I did it. I am now realizing that my chance of long term survival is less then .1%. To me this is a losing battle, but I am going to try everything. 9 days in place and it still looks great.


Mine is trying to keep the surface of my sand bed clean. I see pictures of other tanks and the surface is lily white like the sand just came out of the package. Mine always looks dirty. I have tried various mixes of clean up crews to no avail.


mine is red slime and green hair algea. Took care of it last time with a bunch of narsiuss snails and about twice as many turbos and hermits.. Most of these have since died however and now I have the problem again. I know if I could afford new bulbs the problems would go away but cant spend 150$ for new bulbs right now



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Empty pockets! :D

LOL.... sadly, same here ;)


mine was hair algea in my 12 gall tank w/ only a damsel.... i took the damsel in my refugium in my other tank and forgot about my 12 gal. last time i checked it became a pod factory:D


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wife saying you are spending too much money on your tank . so many real estate investment.over 400k andhoping it will stop


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My dumbyhead clown that bullies everything and attacks any new coral I put in my tank. It also LOVES to bite my hand when I am doing anything in the tank....the first time he did it I looked like kermit in my avatar pic.


My losing battle is trying to keep my nitrates down (they are around 40). I think I over feed my clown but everytime I walk by he looks so hopeful that I am going to put some flake in that sometimes I cant resist his little food dance!


my losing battle jeez i got a list

1 money
2 aiptasia
3 flatworms
4 clean sand bed
5 phosphates
6 clown attacks me everytime i put my hand in the aquarium
7 cleaning the water
looks like i win with the most issues


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1. Money
2. aiptasia
3. flatworms
4. clean sand beds
5. clean crushed coral beds
6. cyanobacteria
7. hair algae
8. phosphate problem
9. nitrate problems
10. lighting problems
11. fish jumping out of the tank.
12. Busted heaters.
13. saltwater spilt all over the floor (of my house and clients)
14. powerstrip fell in the aquarium!!
15. Plain out dead fish.
16. mantis shrimp
17. fire worms
18. fungus on broodstock eggs
19. clogged drain lines backing up the system.
20. 90gal. aquarium sprang a leak overnight. (killed about 1k of livestock)
21. ruined equipment... powerheads, siphon hoses, etc.
22. Lost and STOLEN equipment
23. Accidental copper dosing in a reef tank.
24... a whole lot more.
trippled you, and then some... :D :D :D It's a wonder I am still in this hobby and business!