Where did my anemone go?


I had a purple ritteri anemone and a couple nights ago it had white stuff coming out the middle of it then the next morning it was gone the anemone was pretty big about 8" across so i dont think it coulda got sucked up by any filter or powerhead but i checked anyways and its nowhere to be found i looked in holes in rocks and everything anyone have any idea as to what coulda happened?

a short

How long have you had the anemone and how old is your tank are a few questions people are gonna ask first. Along with to list all your params not just "good" because anemonies are very prone to poor water quality. What kind of lights do you have it under also? I hope he is just hiding out under something but maby a tankmate may have had a midnight snack. If the anemone was dying and you have a huge clean up crew maby they consumed him during the night? Just a thought.


If the anemone is new to the tank then it could be reacting to acclimation stress, particularly if the water paramiters are way off or very different from the tank that it came from. If the lighiting is very different from where it came from then it could be seeking a shady spot until it is acustom to your tank.
If there was any major damage to the anemone then it could have suffered a meltdown in a matter of hours.
Keep watching and see if it comes out from the rocks, but I woud test your water and have a water change ready anyway.