Where to get live plants for my tangs?


I figure that this is a safe post since this fine site does not sell live plants...
Anyway, my LFS simply has not been able to get me any live greens for my tank for my tangs to eat up. Does anyone here have any good sources? They have eatten all of the caulerpa in the tank (the kind that looks like little circles, not balls like the grape caulerpa, but circles). They don't touch the "razor" caulerpa that is in there.
I have seen some people on ---- with some, but I trust the folks here more than people on ----.
If someone is in the Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois area, that would be best so I wouldn't have to pay for overnight shipping.


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i couldve sworn they had plants here. i remeber mr. salty even bought some from here (i think?). must of sold out of them. will they eat any seaweed selects? do they not eat algea of your rocks and graze all day? bo
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Ya, they did have them before.... But if you want to come out by my way, theres a store called scott's pet shop, Great store with rare fish, they have saltwater plants. If you want to know the exact place just ask.


Yes, they love the seaweed selects, but they treat it like a meal, and don't graze on it. As for algae, the only algae in my tank is coraline, none of the "bad" stuff, which I guess would be "good" stuff if my tangs had it to eat.
Saltwater4Me, where in Illinois do you live? It doesn't say in your profile?

mr . salty

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My tangs also gobble up seaweed selects as fast as they can.I don't see ANY problem with this.They are eating it,therefore getting the greens they need.You should continue giving it to them daily.(It's a GOOD thing). And YES,This site does sell plants.


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Whether this site sells a particular product or not, we are not supposed to be requesting or giving info out about where to get other products.
Other web sites or sources, of any kind, are supposed to be kept off the BB.


Thanks for the info everyone.
I know that the seaweed selects are great for the tangs, I just thought that some live plants would be good too.
As for posting information about where to get something, I appologize if I have accidentally steered someone to get plants from someone else besides this site. I didn't look under Inverts for plants, and never did a search since I didn't think that they fell under any of the 3 main catergories (fish, coral, or inverts)...