Where yall from?


The states or overseas? The opinions on this site compared to other sites and ALL my LFS are very different. The freakin tang police is humourous at best. Everyone I talk to in the states both in NY and Fl and from reputable LFS who have guided me correctly before, have all kept tangs in much smaller tanks that stated on this site. The "requirements" for other fish on this board also seem very "extreme" when compared to others, ie - ph/salinity/caclcium/temp/filters/uv/live sand and rock/etc.
I have learned a ton from this site and dont doubt some of the experience of some members, but just wondered if maybe people from different locations have different standards in this hobby. So with all that said, where ya from?


Sucky cold ohio, but born and raised in Fort Meyers FLorida so nice and warm there most of the time.


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I hope you don't mind but I moved this thread to The Aquarium Forum.
I'm from Wyoming and IMO this site has the best advise on the net... and better than any LFS I have visited.
The difference in tank sizes for Tangs are all opinions but the consciences here is to provide the Tangs with adequate living/swimming space. and no, I am not a member of the Tang police but I do feel that Tangs need more room than people usually give them.


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I'm all for supplying the best habitat for each of my fish. I'm also for listening to the experts (Fenner, Michael, Calfo etc) over any lfs or "but I've done it for years" stories.


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I am from Hunter, Oklahoma and started sw fish about 20 years ago in Hawaii where it was popular to house triggers, morish idols, eels and ALL tangs in a 55 with underground filters and all together. I had my loses and learned alot.
Recently got back into the hobby and have credited my success with the knowledgeable people on here and NOT my LFS.


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I grew up on the Beach in co. cal. When it got ruined I moved to Phoenix and figured out it was just like LA, only hotter.

Ended up in Montana. We ain't got no Tang Police here, this is where everyone comes to raise tangs in their nanos.


:joy: D-town baby :joy: Actually the suberbs outside of d-town. BTW, pistons keep rolling... 21-3 after beating Golden State last night. They led the whole way.


South Florida.......in Deerfield Beach, just outside of Fort Lauderdale...but originally from Pittsburgh, then to Syracuse, then here.