Which dwarf angels are reef safe?


I'm planning on getting a dwarf angel tomorrow. Leaning towards coral beauty, cerub/pygmy, half-black, and Eibli's.

yosemite sam

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Generally, all dwarf angels can be hit or miss in terms of their reef compatibility, but I've had good luck with potter's and brazillian flameback angels. I think flame angels tend to be more problematic, but that comes from only a few people I have talked to/posted on this board before. Just out of curiousity, are you planning to put it in a 29 gallon tank? I would probably avoid that, since they spend a lot of time picking at live rock, and may not get enough to eat, even if you feed your fish.


They do spend a lot of time grazing on rockwork. I've got a coral beauty and I'm keeping my eye on him - but so far he's left all of my corals alone...
Keeping my finger's crossed!


I am interested in this answer as well. From what I have heard, Flames are hit or miss for SPS, but they seem mostly ok for others. I am considering a pygmy or flame as well. Coral Beautys are supposedly the most reef safe angel.
Can you keep two pygmys in the same 55 gallon tank? I know you can't keep other dwarfs together, but I read pygmys can be together. Will they breed (assuming one male, one female)?