Which fish, for 10 gal tank?

So all i have are some unused 10 gal tanks. i would rather not have to buy bigger ones since i already have one.
so i was wondering what type of hardy saltwater fish and how many i can have in a 10 gal.
also any random advice on the care of saltwater tanks would be super helpful.
all my research on the internet contradicts itself, so i'm super confused lol
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bang guy

A barnacle Blenny or a couple Clown Gobies would work.

Once you have some experience A Pistol Shrimp with a Shrimp Goby of some type can be very entertaining.

Patrick Seastar

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2 clown fish occelaris that aren’t wild, not that you’ll find them but they can get to the size of a softball. Yellow blue damsels, fire fish, basslets, & gobies. I would recommend gobies that don’t sand sift, those things will make sandstorms in nanos.

Bella Smith

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In my opinion, with your 10-gallon tank, you can stock 2 clowns or a couple of clown goby. I have a lovely smaller tank and I only stock a couple of clownfish and they look great.