Which is better. Wet or dry skim


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Seems to be very mixed opinions on if wet or dry skim works better. Which do you use & why ? What way do you think removes more crud from your tank ? How often do you clean skimmer head. / cup ?


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I've been cleaning mine twice a week with barely nothing in the tank. I just look to see if it's performing at all.

I guess it just depends how much you like to clean it.


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I prefer dry skim. I don't know why, but I like the looks of thick, black skimmate... rather than the pale, watery look of wet skimmate. I suppose I like it better because I'm basically removing the same amount of organics without losing as much tank water. I clean my cup and neck once a week... every Saturday. It's an 8" cup, and it's usually 3/4 full (dry skimmate). It would probably overflow in a week's time if I ran it wet...